Medical practice specialized in psychiatry and psychotherapy
Specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy, FMH
Specialist in phamaceutical medicine, FMH

Avenue de la Gare 36
CH-1003 Lausanne
Tel.: +41 / (0)21 311 05 44
Fax: +41 / (0)21 312 09 46

The office is located in the centre of Lausanne about 200 meters on the right of the main train station's exit. Parking (tax) is available directly in front of the office or in the parking lot of the train station.

Consulting hours:
english spoken,
​by arrangement

Therapeutical options

Examples of psychological problems and diseases:

- Depressive disorders
- Mobbing and Burnout syndrome
- Anxiety and panic disorder
- Substance-related disorders
- Obsessive compulsive disorder
- Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders
- Personality disorders
- Dementias (e. g. Alzheimer's type)
- Bipolar disorders

In addition:

- Crisis intervention
- Therapeutic consulting
- Psychoeducation
- Counselling, diagnostic evaluation

Therapy methods:

- General Psychotherapy
- Cognitive behavioral therapy
- Psychopharmacotherapy

Professional experience / training

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